The Top 25 Best Yankee Candle Scents Ranked


Since 1969 Yankee Candle has been crafting scrumptious scents for every season and occasion. They are candle juggernauts. And today we’re going to rank our top 25 favorite Yankee Candle scents from their classic collection.

First we’re going to answer some common questions people ask us about the brand. If you’d like to skip ahead to the list you can do so by clicking here!

Frequently Asked Questions on Yankee Candles

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We’ve gone through each of the scents to bring you the very best of the best Yankee Candles. Let our noses guide you and fall in love with these top 25 aromatic favorites.

Let’s start with number 25 and work our way to number 1, shall we?

The Top 25 Yankee Classic Yankee Candle Scents

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25. Butter Cream

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Out of hundreds of Yankee candles, it’s no small feat that Buttercream comes in at number 25. Just because it isn’t number one on the list doesn’t mean that it’s anything short of AMAZING. Prepare to bask in the sweet ambiance of butter, coconut cream, vanilla, and a very special guest: rum. This candle is best described as yummy with an extra side of sweet.

24. Kitchen Spice

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Kitchen Spice is a new addition to the list, taking the place of Blueberry Scone. This candle has got everything going for it. It’s the perfect mix of scents balancing the spicy notes of cardamom and clove with a sweetness of orange. This may be listed at 24 on this ranking list but I have a soft spot for it and I think you will as well!

23. Chocolate Layer Cake

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Dish yourself up a generous serving of chocolate cake with a hint of cranberry! This tasty Chocolate Layer Cake candle from Yankee, is like walking into a bakery when you’re on a diet, sweet and so tempting. The perfect compliment to this scent is a coffee scent, I just love the combo so much! This candle is also a great way to trick your guests into thinking you’re a baking legend. It smells just like a day spent making treats in the kitchen.

22. Salted Caramel

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Our sweet streak continues with number 22. Watch out for your sweet tooth, this candle just might make you crave some Salted Caramel goodies. Surrender to this decadent combination of vanilla caramel, burnt sugar, and sea salt. It’s an absolutely luscious aroma that will spark your desire for indulgence.

21. April Showers

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If you’re the type of person that just comes alive when springtime rolls around, you’re going to want to order this candle just as soon as you can. Breathe in the aroma of lemon, lemon leaf, melon, and soft vanilla, as you wait for the May flowers to bloom. The combination of crisp lemon with sweet melon and vanilla creates a balanced fragrance you’re sure to love.

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20. Fresh Cut Roses

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This scent is chic and classy, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Fresh Cut Roses is on of Yankee’s more elegant smells. We love this scent because unlike a lot of rose-scented candles, this doesn’t come off as old lady smelling. It’s like receiving a bouquet of heirloom roses from the love of your life.

19. Lemon Lavender

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This candle is the perfect pairing of an all-time classic, lavender, with a fresh update, lemon! When most people think lavender, they think calming but the lemon adds an extra energy to this candle that makes it memorable. It’s a stronger scent in the Yankee Candle collection. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and floral to fill a room, this is the perfect aroma for you! It’s a great scent for kitchens and sitting rooms.

18. Pineapple Cilantro

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Pineapple Cilantro is another new addition to the list. To be honest, I should have had it here in the first place. For those of you out there who aren’t cilantro fans I still think you’ll like this candle, trust me! It has a very minor herbal undertone to it but the majority of the scent is fresh and sweet. But not too sweet. It’s like the perfect candle to burn during the summer.

17. Lavender Vanilla

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It seems like lavender can be one of those hit or miss scents for people, but after looking through a lot of reviews, one thing is for sure: people LOVE this Lavender Vanilla candle. This candle smells like tranquility at its finest. Not only do the lavender and vanilla dance perfectly together, but as you breathe this relaxing fragrance in, you’ll detect hints of musk and bergamot. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and this wonderful candle.

16. Black Cherry

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Compared to a lot of Yankee Candle’s other scents, this one is pretty simple but there’s a reason it made the list. It’s not the fake, almost medicine-like cherry scent you get from a lot of candles. It’s the real deal. Plus, to make it even better, the sweet cherry smell is married with almond and cinnamon for a subtly exquisite finished product. See, we told you not to count this candle out before you gave it a shot.

15. Sun & Sands

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This candle is basically a cabana getaway in the Bahamas in a jar! It perfectly blends a warm tropical breeze, fresh lavender, desirable musk, orange flowery, and the citrusy hint of lemon. We love this candle for those stressful days at work that seem never-ending, it’s a vacation away without going anywhere.

14. Strawberry Lemon Ice

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Invite summer into your home like it never went away. This Strawberry Lemon Ice candle is a delightfully sweet and sunny fragrance that the whole family will love. Because this scent is light and the perfect amount of lovely, it makes a great gift!

13. Balsam & Cedar

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Pull out your coat and gloves because this Balsam and Cedar candle is going to make you want to take a romantic jaunt through the snowy woods. This scent is an all-time favorite because of the festive feeling it brings every time you light it up. In addition to the balsam and cedar, you’ll also detect subtle hints of juniper berry.

12. Autumn Leaves

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This autumn scent is one of our favorites. It combines maple and birch leaves with juniper berry, pomegranate, and orange blossom. It’s the perfect transitional scent from summer to fall. Strong and sweet, with spicy undertones, you’re going to have a tough time not burning this candle year round. There are a few more fall-themed scents on our list, and they even made it into the top ten! Keep reading to find candles similar to this that you are guaranteed to love.

11. Vineyard

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For all the wine-aficionados out there, you’ll definitely want to get a whiff of the Vineyard candle from Yankee. It smells like grapes on the vine, and it will likely be your new obsession. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite merlot or cabernet an enjoy this smooth, fragrant festival of grapes.

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10. Spiced Pumpkin

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Pumpkin lovers unite. You haven’t smelled true pumpkin magic until you’ve smelled this Spiced Pumpkin candle, sitting blissfully in our number 10 spot. It’s true, the pumpkin thing can get overdone when fall rolls around, but we promise that this is one pumpkin flavored treat you won’t want to pass up. It’s amazing! Dare we say that it’s even better than pumpkin spice lattes? Yes, yes we do.

9. Sage & Citrus

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Picture yourself walking in to a high-end spa for a day of personal TLC. Your senses are hit with a beautiful barrage of lemon-lime, sage, and talc. It’s a relaxing, soothing, luxurious smell, and good news, it’s probably this Sage and Citrus candle. Bring the feeling of upscale pampering into your home or office with this indulgent aroma.

This candle is also a near perfect replicate of the Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby fragrance used at Disney World!

8. Midsummer’s Night

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This candle sits on the more masculine end of Yankee Candle’s scent spectrum, but we think that’s all the more reason to order it! This candle has a near-sensual blend of patchouli, must, sage, and mahogany. Light it in the man cave, office, or really anywhere. Yes, it’s THAT good. This isn’t a scent that other brands can duplicate, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind smell that you need to add to your collection.

7. Sparkling Cinnamon

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Who says cinnamon candles are just for Christmas? Not us, that’s for sure. Especially this Sparkling Cinnamon large jar candle. It’s like cinnamon candy, and it’s a great year-round scent that will leave you with a warm happy feeling and a great smelling house.

6. Lilac Blossoms

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Lilac is a tricky scent to get right, it’s easy to go from that soft, natural smell to an overpowering fake smell. Fortunately, Yankee Candle has perfected their Lilac Blossom scent. It smells soft and wraps you in a calming veil of delicate blossoms. This scent is a great spring scent that will brighten up your home, whether it’s a quiet Sunday reading, or the perfect bubble bath accompaniment, you will love this candle.

5. Christmas Cookie

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Transport yourself back to Grandma’s kitchen with the scent of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, butter, and sugar. You’ll feel right at home with this scent that perfectly matches festive cookies baking in the oven. This deliciously sweet candle is a crowd pleaser. So grab a blanket, a mug of cocoa, and snuggle up by the fire as you enjoy the aroma of one of the best times of year.

4. Clean Cotton

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Most candle brands make their attempt at some sort of cotton fragrance, but they usually end up smelling like laundry detergent. Not this one! This is the fresh cotton scent you’ve been looking for. A little cotton mixed with lemon and white flowers makes this a fresh, light smell that you’ll love to burn in your home.

3. Autumn Wreath

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It’s hard to capture the perfect blend of spices that bring that autumn vibe swirling around you, but somehow that’s exactly what Yankee Candle does with Autumn wreath. If you prefer mellow scents compared to sweet scents, this is a great choice for you. It’s just warm enough and perfectly subtle, just like autumn itself.

This candle also made it into our post on the best candles for fall time!

2. Macintosh

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Step into fall with a trip to the apple orchard! Macintosh is a crisp combination of apples and fruit peels. This candle is great for people who are looking for a nice, neutral scent. It’s not too girly which means it’s great for shared spaces such as your living room or office. While this candle is not as good as my other favorite apple scented candle, it is still a very scrumptious showing from Yankee Candle.

1. Pink Sands

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Bring the delicious smell of floral, citrus, and of course the beach into your home any time of year with Pink Sands. It’s our number one pick for Yankee Candle scents. It’s sweet like a Jolly Rancher but not at all over powering. We promise it will leave you day dreaming of a cold drink in your hand while you bask in sweet summer rays.

That covers our favorite Yankee Candle scents. We covered everything from sweet to floral, musky to tropical. Did your favorite one make it onto the list?

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